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Other, this, geom

Re: oncollide .other / .geom / ....

Postby electronicboy » Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:10 pm
e means event.

I have a post somewhere that explains what it all means, if I find it I will quote or link it.

I cant find that post.

the layout for thyme commands thats affect variables:


This is a list of the "adresses" and what they do:

Other - used on geometry colisions (oncollide) - this is used to adress the OTHER object in a collision (not the one with the code on)

THIS - used on geometry collisions (oncollide) - this is used to adress THIS object (the object with the code on)

Geom - used in laser hits (onlaserhit) - this is used to adress the geometry in a laser collision

laser - used in laser hits (onlaserhit) - this is used to adress the laser in a laser collision

----object variables----

The next part is to "address" to a variable.
To see these variable just create an object and look at the script menu ;)
Or check THIS POST of [Thyme][1.5.61]Thyme Command/Variables List

E.other.density = 5

this Means,
Set the density of the OTHER object (one without the code) to 5

If you need any more help with this, just ask, I or others may be willing to answer
Or even check
[Tutorial]Thyme Tutorial - With explanations at every step
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